NEW MERCUR Start-Stop Flush Tank

Product Code: 51036
1 Package: 10 quantity
• Suitable for installations of Eastern type toilets.
• Interruption system: As you push ‘Start’ buton discharges, when you
push ‘Stop’ water discharges ends. You can save water and conserve
the natural resources.
• Installation is simple, all fixing elements are included.
• Merkur is very elegant and durable.
• Valve entrance: 1/2”.
• Filling valve is tested under 0,1 and 10 bars.
• Volume:6 L.
• Dimensions: 430x110x330 mm.
• Pre-assembled discharge valve.
Shock-stop fill valve durable to 16 Atm pressure.
• Polypropylene "PP" tank of 19 liters.