Ada Dual Flush Concealed Cistern Self Sustaining System 120 mm

Product Code: 51064
1 Package: 1 quantity
• Pre-installed self-standing dual flush concealed cistern, 120 mm thickness, Kiwa approved.
• Supporting frame tested according NF Standards (XP D12-208), tested at 400 kg, cataphoresis application against corrosion, 200 hours of resistance to salt spray, with adjustable feet.
• Dual flush volume adjustable; Small quantity: 2,5 - 4 L Big quantity: 3 - 6 L.
• Kiwa approved 1/4 turn spherical stop valve.
• Kiwa approved flexible hose.
• Styrofoam insulation aganist condensation.
• Silent hydraulic fill valve - Class II, EN 14124.
• Each cistern is tested individually in the works.
• Pre-assembled discharge elbow Ø 90 mm with reducer Ø 110 mm or Ø 100 mm.
• Clip-on collar to simplify the attachment of the pipe to the frame.
• İnculding connecting sleeves for pan inlet and outlet with protective caps, built-in protection box for mortar, fixing materials.
• 5 years guarantee, expect rubber parts.
• Without control panel.